Tips and Tricks: Hooking Sharp Points

Last October’s rug of the month post was Ania’s “Polish Folk Art from the Łowicz Region” rug, which featured a precise saw tooth border that was deceptively tricky to hook. Ania decided to share some tips on hooking sharp points at an angle, as for the border featured in this rug. This is a tip that can be applied to stars, triangles, or similar design elements.

Read on below for step by step instructions on how to hook sharp points at an angle.

Step 1: Ensure your measurements are precise when you draw your pattern. This is especially true if the sharp points you want to hook are part of the border – make sure the length and width of the border are exact.

Step 2: Focusing on the motif where you want to hook a sharp point, in the hole below the top of the point, pull up the end of your strip.

Step 3: At the tip of the motif, in the hole immediately below the end that you’ve just pulled up, pull up a loop.

Make your first loop immediately below the point in your pattern.

Step 4: In the hole immediately above the end of the strip that you pulled up, pull up a second loop. You have now hooked a loop, end, and loop at the tip of your point.

Make your second loop immediately above your tip.
Your point now has a loop, end, loop pattern in place.

Step 5: You now have the two lines in your pattern pointing towards the loop, end, and loop that you’ve hooked. Skip one hole, at the top of the tip, and hook along the rest of the outline of the motif as you normally would.

As you begin to hook the line leading to your tip, skip a hole just below the tip to ensure it is very distinct and sharp.
Hook the second side of the motif to the end.

Step 6: Fill in your motif as usual. Step away from your motif and admire how sharp of a point you’ve created. You can use this for stars, triangles, and similar pointed motifs. This is the strategy I used to hook my saw tooth border, for both the black and white triangles shown along the border.

Once your motif is filled in, you can enjoy how sharp your tip looks!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!


One thought on “Tips and Tricks: Hooking Sharp Points

  1. It did NOT look easy to me. Quilting I only do 90 degree corners .  Now a new world is opening for me in hooking. The directions were so clear I want to try it on something (small) soon.

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