Ania Knap founded Ania Creative Designs, a.k.a. ACD, in 2002. Ania is driven by a life-long passion to create. In its early conception, ACD was mostly focused on the creation and sales of artistically designed and handmade jewelry. That focus has shifted over the years, and today ACD is focused on rug hooking. Ania hopes to both inspire others to hook rugs and facilitate that process. ACD is therefore split into two main visions. The first is on teaching the art of rug hooking, as Ania is a certified teacher in the art. The second focus is to help provide material objects needed to create rugs, including patterns, hand-dyed wool, and other tools. We hope you enjoy our blog, and find inspiration among its posts. If you are interested in having Ania teach in your area, feel free to contact her below.

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