Rug of the Month: September 2022

For the month of September, we’re back with another rug of the month feature. Ania is discussing ring dishes that she has hooked using #3 and #4 strips of wool, velvet, and yarn, on a foundation made of both plastic canvas sheets, and plastic canvas circles. You can also incorporate beads, cabochons, and other adornments into these dishes.

Read on below to learn more about how to create your own ring dishes:

The two ring dishes that Ania created.

What was the inspiration for this project?

I noticed my youngest daughter, who frequently wears rings, would take off her rings to wash her hands or for the evening, and leave them on a counter. It seemed so inconvenient – she was constantly knocking into them, knocking them off the counter, running into issues where she couldn’t find them. I was inspired to come up with a solution – I thought it might be a fun challenge.

I saw the art store sold the plastic canvas circles, and thought they would be perfect as the foundation for such a project. Then I saw plastic canvas sheets and the idea really came together.

The foundation for the dishes are made using flexible plastic canvas.

How do you construct these dishes?

I cut a strip off of the flexible plastic canvas sheet, which would serve as the wall of the ring holder. The strip was 3/4 of an inch wide and long enough to wrap around the edge of the circle plastic canvas, and overlap by an inch. I sewed the strip into the 3 inch round, using button hole thread, and making sure that it fit around the outside of the round plastic canvas.

Now you have your ring holder foundation, and you can begin hooking. The plastic canvas is a mesh pattern, and you can simply hook in every row in a circular pattern.

Once the sides and bottom are all hooked, I sewed the side to the bottom of the round, and I used yarn to “whip” the top edge of the dish as well. You can sew button feet on with thick thread, you can super glue a cabochon into the mesh material and hook around it – you can embellish it however you would like.

You can add beads, buttons or other embellishments – here you can see fours beads that Ania used to create feet on the bottom of one of her ring dishes.

What do you use this ring holder for?

I made two dishes – one I use as decoration on a counter, and the second is used by my daughter as a ring holder, coaster, and candle holder.

What is your favorite part of this project?

This is a really fun little project to pull together. You can make them with friends and swap the final projects, you can make them as fundraisers.

You can apply the same principles to make larger versions, or even coasters without any walls.

I really enjoyed putting the ring holder together, realizing that my idea would work, and that it would be easy.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below!


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