Rug of the Month: December 2017

Happy Holidays! In celebration of the current holiday season, Ania has chosen a festive rug for December’s rug of the month. This project is called “Raphael’s Angel” and the pattern is by Pam Smith for Honey Bee Hive Patterns. It was hooked in #6 strip wool.

Take a look below to see the rug in detail, and to read more about the project!

dsc_0995 watermarked
Here is the completed “Raphael’s Angel” Rug.

Why did you decide to hook this project?

I’ve always loved Raphael’s Angels. In the late eighties, I had Christmas cards that I sent out with Raphael’s Angels on them. I was delighted this summer, when I was at teacher’s workshop, to see that this rug was part of the offerings for classes.

The class was taught by Margaret O’Connor, and it was a wide cut class. I knew the project would fly by, and I’d be able to complete it by Christmas!


dsc_09972 watermarked
A close-up of the Angel’s face.

How did you approach color planning for this project?

The wool for the flesh and the face was provided in the class, and so I started with that. From there, I decided that I wanted to mostly avoid dyeing wool for this project. I knew it was going to be a Christmas themed rug, inspired by my cards from many years ago, and so I looked at reds and greens from my stash. In the original pattern, the angel’s arms were in mid-air. I decided to add a wall for her to rest on. I chose some reds for the wall and the whipping, and a variety of greens for the background.

For the wings, I used a series of shades of grey (which were kindly provided to me by a friend). I also decided the angel would have hazel eyes, inspired by my youngest daughter.

I used to dye my hair red, and when I was hooking this project, I had just decided to let myself go grey. I gave my angel red hair in memory of my old look! The wool for the hair is the only wool that I dyed specifically for this project. I dyed a six value swatch of ProChem’s Mahogany dye. Her hair also includes textures, an orange spot dye, and golds.



dsc_0996 watermarked
Details in the background and the wall.

What are you most proud of in this rug?

I like her celestial eyes. I think they look calm and serene, and they add just the right air to this rug! I was also very excited when I came up with an idea that would give the angel a little bit of an impression of a halo around her hair. This halo impression was created by outlining her hair with a lighter color, which I took from a highlight I used in the background.

dsc_0999-e1514139059259 watermarked
In this shot, you can see the colors that went into the angel’s hair, and in the background you can see a star, as described below!

Do you have any other comments about this rug?

I wanted to add something special to the background, and so I hid some stars in there! I hooked five lines to make a star, and then I echoed those lines by hooking around them repeatedly. I also added little swirls of a lighter green as a highlight, to help offset the stars.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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