Rug of the Month: August

For August, Ania decided to focus on a fun project from a few years back. This month the “Rug of the Month” is a cow purse that was created for Iza, Ania’s daughter. The pattern is called “cow purse”, and it was created by Marcia Kent. She used #6 strips of as is wool to create the finished rug purse.

To start off, here are a few of Iza’s thoughts on the purse!

Whats your favorite part about the cow purse?

Iza: The little red heart in the bottom. It’s cute, I think it’s a nice touch

Ania: it means that I love you!

Iza: I wanted a cow purse because I like cows. My mom asked me if I wanted a purse and then gave me the option of cow or zebra – I went with cow.

And below, see the finished project and read a little bit more about Ania’s thoughts on the purse:



dsc_0395-a watermarked
Here is the finished cow purse from the front – with the heart on show!

What convinced you that you wanted to hook this pattern? What inspired you to create this project?

I wanted to do this project for my daughter, I wanted to create a purse for her and I knew she liked cows.

How did you approach elements like color planning for this project?

I wanted to do a black and white cow – but I did use different shades of black to make it look more realistic. I outlined the spot in black and echoed that line while completing the rest of the spot.

dsc_0402 watermarked
Here is a shot of the inside of the bag – Ania chose to line it with a cute polka dot fabric.

Can you talk a little about what makes this purse more interesting?

I wanted to include the heart, but have it be small. So that was fun to include. The spots go around the sides of the purse so that they meet front and back, which I thought was another nice detail. The braided straps are leather, which I picked up at Webs in North Hampton.

It was also fun hooking an animal print!

When did you first consider that hooking a rug as a purse was even possible?

I’d seen them before. It was something different to try. I’d do it again! This one makes a pretty nice iPad bag – it’s just the right size.

dsc_0402 watermarked
A perfect fit for iPads!


Let Ania know what you think in the comments below!


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