Rug of the Month: February 2016

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and in honor of the holiday, February’s Rug of the Month is one made out of love and for love. This project, called Hearts and Tulips by Corrine Bridge, was created for Ania’s daughter, Iza.

See the pillow below, as well as some commentary from Ania on the process behind this project!


dsc_0456 watermarked
Here is Ania’s completed Hearts and Tulips Pillow, with final dimensions at 16X16 in.

What makes this rug special?

It’s hooked in nontraditional Valentine’s Day colors, and the materials used were a variety of fibers. But the theme of the pillow is traditionally one of love, like the heart motifs. This made it a way to express my love, which felt different and new. It was a fun one day project from Teachers Workshop, and I made it as a gift for my youngest Valentine!

dsc_0458 watermarked
This shot is a great way to see the detail and texture in this project.

What was it like incorporating a variety of materials into the project?

Roving and yarn were just some of the fibers available for us to use in this project. It was a fun way to attempt hooking with a whole slew of new materials. I incorporated decorative stitching, which you can see in the vine connecting the hearts. I made the chain stitch with yarn!

The sizes of all of the materials helped add texture and even more variety to the rug: there were #5 strips, bulky yarn and even bulkier roving.

Did you set out to make this specifically for Iza from the beginning?

No. It was a project that became very well suited for Iza as I worked towards completing it. It felt right for her, and when the time came for me to give it to her, she loved it!

dsc_0464 watermarked
The back of the pillow features a great checkerboard pattern.

Why did you decide on the pattern of the backing that you selected?

I wanted to carry the colors I used from the front of the pillow over to the back, and it was a great way to use up the rest of the wool I had left from the project.

What was your favorite part of this project, or what were you most proud of?

It was very quick to come together. But I liked the different textures and I liked the chain stitch. It was the first time I used decorative stitching in a piece that I finished! And a wonderful way to show my love for my baby girl :-).

Let Ania know what you think below, and she’d love to hear what ways you’ve showed your loved ones that you love them!

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