Rug of the Month: November 2015

It’s the first of November, and that means it’s time for a new rug of the month! This month, we decided to showcase one of Ania’s earlier rugs. When Ania was hooking this rug, the process was all about learning how to become a better hooker. ‘Pumpkins by Moonlight’ felt perfect to show our readers because it both fits the current autumnal festivities, and it provides a great contrast to last month’s rug. Ania hooked it using ‘as is’ wool in #6 cut strips. The rug’s dimensions are 17×28 in.

Ania was asked a series of questions on how she created this rug. Read below to find out what she had to say:

dsc_0370-e1446399397694 watermarked
Here is Ania’s completed ‘Pumpkins by Moonlight’!

What inspired you to create this project?

I bought this pattern after my very first trip to Dorr Mill. I decided on the pumpkins because I wanted to do something that fit the season, which was Fall.

How did you approach elements like color planning for this project?

Pumpkins are my favourite color, orange! I wanted to incorporate all the different kinds of oranges I could find, and I used wool from jackets that I bought at the Salvation Army – I spent one to five dollars per article of clothing. I also knew I wanted to include a cream white pumpkin, and not just three traditional orange pumpkins.

dsc_0373 watermarked
Here is a close-up of the moon. Notice the van Gogh-inspired swirls!

What are you most proud of in this rug? What was the most difficult aspect to complete?

What I most enjoyed in creating this rug was the van Gogh-esque swirls around the moon. They were a fun, fresh Halloween-y touch to create an evening air to the rug. I had a lot of fun experimenting with that.

In terms of challenges, this pattern was pretty easy overall but I did struggle with the ground. It was difficult to get brown spots where the green grass was dying away, especially as my hooking skills were still in the developmental phase.

dsc_0371-e1446399293695 watermarked
Here you can see the detail that went into creating the ground, as well as many of the different oranges that went into the pumpkins.

What makes this rug different from the others you’ve hooked? What made this project unique in your experience as a rug hooker.

This was my first themed piece, my first seasonal rug. This is also a great rug to showcase how I made do with what I had, as I wasn’t dyeing wool yet.

Do you have any other comments about this rug?

When I was making this rug I didn’t take wool strips out of it after I had already hooked them. I committed to my decisions concerning color placement because this was a learning piece. My task was to learn how to place color. Although now I will take out wool strips if I decide the color is not right, this rug was an important step towards becoming the rug hooker I am today!

Let us know below what you think of Ania’s ‘Pumpkins by moonlight’ rug! How did you like getting to hear some of the story behind its creation?

4 thoughts on “Rug of the Month: November 2015

  1. Good questions and clear answers, a great help to those starting their personal hooking journey. I love the organic feel to this terrific rug and I know how splendid the work that you do now is – fantastic journey – thanks for taking us along with you. X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly, I don’t know who the designer is, and if anyone recognizes it I ask they let me know ASAP. This was my first purchased pattern and I had no clue where it was going to take me with rug hooking; all I remember is the name of the pattern. I’ve since gone back to Dorr to find the pattern designer however no one knew since they no longer had the pattern for sale. I very much want to give credit to the designer, it is a great, great pattern and others should have the chance to hook it if they want as well!


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