Welcome to Ania Creative Designs!

At Ania Creative Designs (ACD), we are very excited about all the news, products, and progress this blog will allow us to share with you! This blog will feature a lot of great posts and series.

Ania personally welcomes you to Ania Creative Designs's WordPress!
Ania personally welcomes you to Ania Creative Designs’s WordPress!

Welcome to ACD’s blog! Once a month, this blog will feature one of Ania’s hand-crafted rugs, accompanied by an interview with Ania on the process behind the rug’s creation. A regular series on ‘inspiration’ will also be featured! This will focus on what is currently, and what has in the past, inspired Ania in her creation of rugs.

This blog is an especially exciting format to showcase ACD because it allows Ania an opportunity to show parts of her work that were previously not possible to show! This process will be seen in a series of ‘behind the scenes’ posts. Building off of ‘behind the scenes’, will be another series called ‘patterns and products’, which will be a platform to showcase all of the beautiful products that ACD works hard to create to help you craft rugs! These products will include rug patterns, hand-dyed wool, and Ania’s one-of-a-kind invention of shimmer wool.

We hope you love our posts, Ania’s rugs, and find inspiration for your own creations on this blog! Hope to see you back again soon! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below telling us what you think 🙂

Ania Working on her latest rug!
Ania working on her latest rug!

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